Welcome to the family

When your young adult or family member attends IHOPU, you become part of our extended family! Parents and spouses of IHOPU students love to come visit and glean from their experience.

Many parents and spouses are excited their loved one has come to invest a season of their lives at IHOPU to seek the Lord in prayer, partner in the Great Commission, and cultivate a forerunner spirit where they can forge life-long friendships with believers from around the world. With this excitement comes many questions. This resource page was built with you in mind, to answer any questions that may arise as you plan to help your loved one transition to IHOPU.

What is the cost?

At IHOPU we want your loved one to be debt free when they graduate. The cost for tuition at IHOPU is between $2,800–$4,500 per semester depending on their program and selected classes. The average in state school tuition is around $8,500 in Missouri. Our aim is to keep tuition as reasonable as possible so any student who desires to be trained and equipped at IHOPU will be able to attend.

Tuition & Financial Aid

What is the community like?

To attend IHOPU means to be a member of the IHOPKC community. Students are surrounded with intercessory missionaries, mentors, and leaders in the Global Prayer Movement. All IHOPU faculty and staff work half of their weekly schedule in their position, and half of their time as intercessory missionaries. Our faculty and staff is made up of people with burning hearts who dedicate their lives to beholding the beauty of Jesus.

This vibrant community is unique in strength and intensity, in that it stems from and is knit to the unique distinctive of night and day corporate prayer together. At IHOPU, they will partake in the camaraderie of the greater IHOPKC Mission base, which is quite different than the support they would find at any other school or university.

Spiritual Community

What about housing, food, & transportation?

Many parents want to know their loved one will be safe and well taken care of while studying at IHOPU. IHOPU offers community housing through Herrnhut Apartments and meal plans at the cafeteria. Both are walking distance to the IHOPKC Global Prayer Room. Since IHOPU Students take classes at all 3 locations on the IHOPKC Missions Base, it is most convenient for students to have a vehicle.

Campus Living

Can I come visit?

Parents and family members are welcome to come visit the IHOPKC missions base and the IHOPU Campus. It is best to schedule a visit while school is in session if you wish to drop into a class, but the prayer room is open 24/7 to the public. You are welcome anytime! As part of the IHOPKC family, we have several options and events that will give you an expanded experience with us. Speak with our connect team to discover which experience will be best for you.

Campus Visit

What kind of graduate will he/she be?

IHOPU students come to cultivate a forerunner spirit and a burning heart for when pressure escalates. They leave equipped to flourish spiritually and to bring light and hope to others in the midst of any storm. IHOPU students are strengthened by knowing and loving Jesus, after spending a season to grow in wholehearted love for the Lord.


What will his/her schedule be?

Full-time IHOPU Students are engaged in a rigorous program and fill their schedule with skill-based and/or lecture courses 5 days a week. They are also invited to build friendships around community events and regular activities. It is possible for motivated students to hold a flexible part-time job. Daytime students can expect to spend around 30-33 hours a week in our learning environments not including practice, homework, and social engagements.

Academic Calendar

How can I support IHOPU?

If you want to partner with us in our mission, to train leaders to partner in the Great Commission by advancing 24/7 prayer with worship and proclaiming the beauty of Jesus and His glorious return, we welcome your generous gift.


Take a Gap Year to Pursue God.

Prioritize time to lay biblical and spiritual foundations that shape how you think, live, and relate with others. It is vital to take a season to set the groundwork for education, career, marriage, parenting, and all God has for you!