Come join this community to be fueled by a passion for prayer and rich theological training, forging lifetime friendships through seeking the Lord wholeheartedly together.

The vibrant community of IHOPU is unique in strength and intensity in that it stems from and is knit to the unique distinction of night and day corporate prayer together. There is nothing more bonding in friendship with one another than seeing and tasting of Jesus’ beauty collectively and becoming transformed at the affectional level by wonder at His personality, His story, and His purposes in the earth.  

Stirred by the unprecedented hour of history we are living in, the community of IHOPU is comprised of men and women bound together by a shared desire for intimate friendship with the Lord, mutual vision for depth in His Word, and urgency to have an understanding of His heart and purposes preceding His return. Such marvelous comradery equips the heart to face the weight of the coming pressure, unified with Christ and with one another. 

Experience the fellowship of burning hearts by laboring beside friends in intercession, mutually burning before Him in prayer, and together ministering to others in serving and proclaiming His splendor.  

IHOPU Students are invited to:

  • Come and find your place, engaging in ministry with the Holy Spirit together with like-minded friends in Christ. 
  • Come be equipped with clarity and confidence to behold the beauty of Jesus and to encounter Him in the Word, unto a vibrant interior life. 
  • Come be prepared to partner with Christ’s passion to release His power in the earth through worship and intercession. 
  • Come grow in knowing and proclaiming Jesus as the Bridegroom, King, and Judge — the knowledge of Jesus that equips the heart to thrive in crisis and pressure.
  • Come be trained in the lifestyle of happy holiness, fueled by intimacy with Jesus, and loving Him according to the terms He spoke of in the Sermon on the Mount. This is the life He described as being built upon a rock and prepared to stand when the storms and pressures come. 
  • Come cultivate a forerunner spirit, prepared with an alive heart for when pressure escalates, equipped to flourish spiritually, bringing light and hope to others.

Important Update

It is with heavy hearts that we inform you that the Spring 2024 semester was the final expression of IHOPU.