IHOPU invites students to stay active both in and outside the classroom. Activities and events connect students and cultivate community. 

Whether coordinated by IHOPU or student-led, participation in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities help IHOPU students forge life-long friendships. Participation in these events add to a well-rounded student experience. Consistent and various activities bridge the gap between every school and every class to unite as one IHOPU Student body. 

Typical events & actives happening regularly on our IHOPU campus include things like:

  • Flag Football
  • Game Nights
  • Corporate Fasts
  • Bible Studies
  • Student-led Prayer & Worship Events
  • Outspoken: a Talent Showcase
  • School Celebrations

Events all students partake in:

  • New Student Orientation: Incoming Freshman attend NSO before they begin their journey as an IHOPU Student. They meet new friends, interact with the IHOPU faculty and staff, acquire an overview of IHOPU requirements, and build confidence to transition into their new season as an IHOPU student. NSO is typically held the 3 days before Launch Week.
  • Launch Week: Each semester, IHOPU hosts a returning student re-orientation. This updates students in any changes to policies or campus updates, as well as invites IHOPU students to reflect on their intentions for this season and re-orient their hearts and minds for what the Lord has for them at IHOPU!
  • Student Ministry Trips (SMT): IHOPU-coordinated student ministry trips (SMT) are arranged yearly. IHOPU students visit cities across America and seek the vision Jesus has for that city. Students parter with a local ministry to take part in hands-on ministry training like street evangelism, college campuses, feeding the homeless, or breaking the cycle of sexual exploitation. Students aim to wash the feet of the city, strengthening and sowing into a local church to partner what Jesus is already doing there.
  • Graduation Week: IHOPU’s graduation ceremony and surrounding celebrations honor the hard work of our graduates. Students who wish to walk in the graduation ceremony apply for their certificate or diploma and opt-in to be celebrated alongside their classmates. Graduation week typically includes a baccalaureate ceremony, senior banquet, and reception after the ceremony.

Important Update

It is with heavy hearts that we inform you that the Spring 2024 semester was the final expression of IHOPU.