Life on the IHOPU Campus

Come to immerse yourself in fun, full time! Enjoy campus life by taking part in IHOPU Community Housing, meal plans, and recreational activities.

Life on the IHOPKC Campus

In order to partake in the full on-campus expression of IHOPU, students enjoy living life together in IHOPU Community Housing, eating in the cafeteria, and building community through recreational activities.

The International House of Prayer Missions Base is made up of several properties. IHOPU Students spend most of their time at our Red Bridge Center (the location of the Global Prayer Room), the IHOPU Campus, and Forerunner Church. The IHOPU Cafeteria is located inside 2 doors down from the Global Prayer Room. IHOPU Community Housing is just a short walking distance away. IHOPU and Forerunner Church are located a few miles from one another in Grandview, MO.

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Living with new friends makes community life better than ever! IHOPU Community Housing offers a dynamic living environment that will greatly enrich your time at IHOPU. This convenient housing option is just walking distance to IHOPKC’s Global Prayer Room.

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IHOPU offers meal plans for students at the cafeteria located next door to IHOPKCs Global Prayer Room. Offering 3 meals a day, the IHOPU cafeteria provides healthy meals for day or night schedule students and makes accommodations for special dietary restrictions (gluten and dairy friendly).

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IHOPU invites students to stay active both in and outside the classroom. Activities and events connect students and cultivate community. Whether coordinated by IHOPU or student-led, participation in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities help IHOPU students forge life-long friendships.

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Campus Safety

IHOPU cares about the safety and wellbeing of all our students. Our campus management team oversees the IHOPU campus and is constantly revising and updating safety measures. As they walk the halls, they also pray for our students and staff.

In case of an emergency or crisis, IHOPU follows established security protocols to respond to any threat based on need. Protocols for a fire, tornado, or other emergency are posted in the halls. If we have an emergency at any level, IHOPKC Security is front line of defense. Grandview police is also able to arrive to the campus within 3 minutes in case of an emergency.

IHOPU Campus management
(816) 743-4222

IHOPKC Security
(816) 285-9430
Please call 911 first if there is an emergency.

Forge Life-long Friendships at IHOPU

IHOPU students have an opportunity to not only embrace a season of directing their gaze on Jesus, but to do this alongside others in all aspects of community living.

Eating together, residing together, exploring KC together, going to church together, our students forge life-long friendships within a diverse community of hearts that burn for Jesus both in and outside the classroom.

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