We Can’t Wait to Meet you

Websites and brochures just don’t cut it. We want to see your face! How do you know that the International House of Prayer University is right for you? We invite you to add a visit to your research. Let’s create a visit that works for you! 

Book a Visit with Us
Our Connect Team is ready and eager to meet with you. In fact, we have several ways to accomplish this. Submit the request form below and we will be in touch to set something up that is tailored to your needs. 

Come in Person
Do you prefer to visit in person? We will be happy to create a visit that is just right for you. Here are some options to consider.

  • Come for a sneak peek. Take a tour of the campus and talk in person with a school representative who will answer your questions.
  • Spend a day with us. Add a class or two to your visit and spend time in the prayer room—our most impactful learning environment!
  • Bring a group for a visit. Whether a church, school or family, we love group visits too!

Make Your Visit Virtual
If time or circumstances make an in-person visit difficult we have other options! Using Zoom technology, we can still give you an idea of what college life at IHOPU looks like.

  • Schedule a zoom call with one of our Connect Team. We can talk through your questions and give you a solid idea about your journey with us.
  • Step into one of our classes. We can set you up to experience one of our classes through our global classroom experience.  
  • Get program specific. We have the leaders from our specific programs offering “live previews.” Come explore our different options in worship, ministry, media, and even our educational partnership options.
  • Get a student tour. Coming soon, we will have some of our students giving you virtual tours from their unique perspectives. 

Choose an Extended Stay
As part of the IHOPKC family, we have several options and events that will give you an expanded experience with us. You might consider:

(816) 775-4008

Take a Gap Year to Pursue God.

Prioritize time to lay biblical and spiritual foundations that shape how you think, live, and relate with others. It is vital to take a season to set the groundwork for education, career, marriage, parenting, and all God has for you!