Join the IHOPU Global Classroom online or on-campus by auditing one of our courses.

Course List
Lecture Courses: Jump into one of our lecture courses to dig deeper into the Bible and the heart of God. Most of these are 8-weeks long, although a few are scheduled for the whole semester.

Skill-Based Courses: Sign up to one of our worship school skill-based courses. These take place through the semester. These courses require a skill assessment for placement.

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Course Costs
– Lecture courses cost $175.00 per course
– Skill-Based courses cost $990.00 per course (max of 2 per semester)
– Various discounts are available for IHOPKC staff

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How to Sign Up

  1. Determine the course(s) you would like to take for audit.
  2. Fill out the Audit Enrollment Form below.
  3. Once you have submitted the Enrollment Form, you will receive a follow-up email with further information, including how to make your payment online, when and how to access the course(s), etc.
  4. Take a skill assessment for skill-based courses.


Of the IHOPU courses available for audit, visitors can attend one lecture course up to three times, or one free Music Theory course up to two times. Visitors may not sit in on a group instrument, music production, or advanced course.

How to visit a course
Sign up at the IHOPU Welcome Center to obtain a visitor permission slip. You must present this slip to the instructor’s assistant in order to visit the class. Assistants are typically seated in the back of the room, near the attendance sheets. Visiting a course is limited to on-campus attendance only at this time.