The Sound of a Generation

As God illuminates the earth with His presence, what if your part of the story is to release sounds that would set the heart of your generation ablaze? What if your role is to craft anthems, melodies, and songs that reflect the worth of Christ and release the power of God? What if that time is now?

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Singing theologians & prophetic musicians

Many singers and musicians love Jesus, yet lack knowledge of the Scriptures or the revelation of God’s power. In this hour, Jesus is placing prophetic music at the forefront of His plan to reveal His heart, release His power, and establish His justice. Students of our worship school learn to combine excellent musicianship, biblical depth, and intimacy with Jesus in the classroom, on a worship team, and in the place of prayer.

Worship School Distinctives

Music Theory

Learn the language of music and train your ear to identify patterns and sounds.

Instrument Training

Gain proficiency in your choice of voice, keys, guitar, bass, drums, or another instrument.

Worship Teams

Grow in your ability to thrive in hosting live worship by joining others on a team.

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Worship Studies

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Music Training

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Worship Ministry Training

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In addition to our robust theological and musical training in the classroom and on worship teams, you can tailor your experience based on your individual passions and calling. You can either craft a comprehensive degree plan or you can choose a concentration that narrows your focus. Learn more about our different concentrations below.

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Tuition & Financial Aid

What to Expect

At the Worship School, you can expect to pay around $3,990 per semester depending on your specific course selection or $2,990 if you are an online student. In addition to the Encountering God Series courses, Prayer & Ministry Practicum, and IHOPU chapel, you will typically be taking two lecture courses and two skill-based courses per semester. For more information related to financial aid, tuition, and other expenses, click the link below.

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Student Schedule

A Day in the Life of Student

We take your calling seriously and it will be reflected on your schedule. Though rigorous, our program still allows for motivated students to hold a flexible part-time job. FSW students have classes five days a week, with skill-based courses on MWF, and lecture courses on Tue/Thu. Students can expect to spend around thirty-three hours a week in our learning environments not including practice, homework, and social engagements.

Academic Calendar

Access Options

Program Lengths


English and Chinese (coming soon in other languages)


  • Kansas City Campus
  • Online
  • Nightwatch
  • Educational Partnerships

Frequently asked questions

  • Your schedule at IHOPU may be quite busy but some of our students have been able to find time to work a part-time job during their time at IHOPU. We don’t recommend this simply because your IHOPU experience will likely be far more rewarding without having to maintain both schoolwork and work simultaneously. (This advice only applies to prospective domestic students, international students are not permitted to work in the USA.)

  • Absolutely! Our curriculum is created to be accessible from the beginning musician to the more advanced. Our assessment process helps us place our students in the level/course that will be more helpful for their previous experience and current skill level.

  • Throughout IHOPU’s history, we’ve had students of every caliber come to Kansas City for a season of growth and learning in a variety of skill sets. If you have almost zero musical experience – we have classes for you! If you are farther along your musical journey, we have classes for you as well.

  • Once you begin the admissions process, you will be contacted with information regarding your assessments and what to expect. We highly encourage musicians to continue learning before and during the enrollment process. Your assessments are wholly based on getting an accurate understanding of your current grasp on your instrument and music as a whole. Don’t feel pressure to perform or impress us – we’re already impressed with you!

  • We recommend students to buy a personal instrument so they can practice as often as they like. IHOPU has practice spaces provided with pianos, drums, and amplifiers for various guitars. We also recommend students purchase their own set of in-ear monitors which will be vital to their experience on their worship team and elsewhere.

  • Our worship teams are based around growing in skill, a prophetic spirit, and a heart burning and connected to prayer. We use the tool of the Harp and Bowl Model as a means to facilitate corporate worship and prayer as a worship team.

  • As part of how we flow with the Harp and Bowl Model on our worship teams, we require our worship leaders to lead from an instrument. This helps with communication and flow with the worship team. Typically electric/acoustic guitar or piano.

  • Microphones, basses, keyboards, and drums are provided. Equipment not provided includes mic puffs (singers/worship leaders), acoustic guitars, electric guitars, pedalboards, keys software/laptops, drums sticks. Equipment that is strongly recommended includes drum cymbals and snare, in ear monitors, and laptops (for keys software).

  • $3,990 per semester. 

  • Yes, depending on skill placement the student could take an additional skill-based course, lecture course, or mentorship.

  • Freshman year students are encouraged to utilize our community housing at Herrnhut Apartments. Learn more here.

  • Weekly practice time varies depending on which combination of classes you are taking, but expect to be practicing around 4-8 hours a week.

  • To lead on the GPR stage as a worship leader, singer, or musician, you must go through an approval process facilitated by GPR musicians and worship leaders. Once approved, there are ample opportunities to substitute for current worship team members when they are absent and engage with the different teams in the Global Prayer Room.

Take a Gap Year to Pursue God.

Prioritize time to lay biblical and spiritual foundations that shape how you think, live, and relate with others. It is vital to take a season to set the groundwork for education, career, marriage, parenting, and all God has for you!