About Concentration

The worship movement needs worship leaders who care less about their social media following and are more passionate about the power of God encountering the hearts and minds of those they lead in worship. This exclusive concentration is for those uniquely skilled in leading worship who can be taken to the next level by direct mentorship with our top worship leaders at IHOPKC as well as travel to hold worship nights at partner locations across America.

“Shortly after graduating from FSW, I jumped straight into leading worship in the Global Prayer Room at IHOPKC. The tools I obtained through my years in school were absolutely essential for this role! I am forever thankful to each of the faculty members that poured into me and imparted their understanding of prophetic musicianship, love for the Bible, and value for humility in leadership. I would not have chosen the path that I did had it not been for my years as an FSW student.“

—Gabrielle Malone
IHOPU Alumnus from Ft. Worth, TX

Core Curriculum

First Year

  • Growing in Prayer
  • Intro to IHOPKC
  • Song of Solomon
  • Foundations of Grace
  • Excellencies of Christ
  • God’s Plan for Redemption
  • How to Study the Bible
  • Basic Christian Beliefs

Second Year

  • Old Testament Survey
  • Theology of Night & Day Prayer & Worship
  • Sermon on the Mount
  • Encounter God Series (Founder’s courses)
  • IHOPU Foundations (All-School Gatherings)

FSW Core Curriculum

Prayer Room Practicum (PRP)

  • Fundamentals of Worship Ministry
  • PRM Worship Teams

Primary Instrument

  • Voice, Guitar, bass, drums, keys 1
  • Voice, Guitar, bass, drums, keys 2
  • Voice, Guitar, bass, drums, keys 3

Music Theory

  • Music Theory 1
  • Music Theory 2
  • Music Theory 3

Worship Leadership Concentration

Concentration Specific

  • 4 Electives
  • Intro to Prophetic Worship Music
  • Worship Leadership I
  • Worship Leadership II
  • Worship Leadership Mastery


  • Psalms
  • Singing Prophets
  • Beauty of God
  • Life of David

*In the event that the student does not assess into Level 1 of Music Theory and/or Instrument, they will be placed in our Fundamentals entry-level course to help onboard the student.

**If you come at a higher level of Music Theory and/or Instrument proficiency, you can assess out of some or all of these Core Courses which provides you with access to our specialized courses.