About Concentration

Our songwriting concentration is crafted to equip and challenge students in every aspect of how to both hear the voice of God and shape what the Lord is saying into a memorable song. This is accomplished through various levels of instruction, original song creation and live feedback that increase in rigor and specialty each semester. This concentration culminates in a capstone course that focuses on writing songs that echo the Lord’s call to the Church and the lost today.

“As a songwriter, FSW equipped me with both a burning heart for Jesus and the skill-set needed to write powerful, memorable songs. Week after week, I was challenged to sing the bible, meditate on Jesus’ character and then create prophetic music from that place. The tools and perspective FSW has given me have been among my greatest allies throughout the years following. I’ll never be the same.“

–Elijah Herrell
IHOPU Alumnus from Hickory, NC


Core Curriculum

First Year

  • Growing in Prayer
  • Introduction to the Global Prayer Movement
  • Song of Solomon
  • Foundations of Grace
  • Excellencies of Christ
  • God’s Plan for Redemption
  • How to Study the Bible

Second Year

  • Theology of Night & Day Prayer & Worship
  • Sermon on the Mount
  • Encounter God Series
  • IHOPU Foundations

FSW Core Courses

Prayer Room Practicum (PRP)

  • Fundamentals of Worship Ministry
  • PRM Worship Teams

Primary Instrument 

  • Voice, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys 1
  • Voice, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys 2
  • Voice, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys 3

Music Theory

  • Music Theory 1
  • Music Theory 2
  • Music Theory 3

Songwriting Concentration

Concentration Specific

  • 10 Electives
  • Intro to Songwriting
  • Songwriting I
  • Songwriting II
  • ANTHEM Mastery


  • Psalms
  • Beauty of God
  • Life of David

*In the event that the student does not assess into Level 1 of Music Theory and/or Instrument, they will be placed in our Fundamentals entry-level course to help onboard the student.

**If you come at a higher level of music theory and/or instrument proficiency, you can assess out of some or all of these core courses which provides you with access to our specialized courses.

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