• We suggest applying for an internship at least two months before it begins. The internships fill up fast, and we stop accepting applications when we are full. The cutoff date for receiving complete applications is two weeks before the internship start date but you can always inquire with the internship if you miss this deadline.

  • No one is guaranteed a place in any internship. Please only make plans to come to an internship once you have been accepted into the program.

  • You do not need a car to be an intern, however we recommend that each intern have access to a vehicle during the internship, as public transportation in KC is not readily available. If you do not own a car it is very possible to carpool with roommates. If you are attending Intro or Simeon and are bringing your family, then you will need your own vehicle.

  • One Thing and residential Fire in the Night (FITN) interns stay in housing provided by IHOPKC, they may not arrange their own accommodation. The apartments are fully furnished and have limited closet and storage space. Intro to IHOPKC, Simeon Company, and non-residential FITN interns are responsible for their own housing and may inquire with the internship for recommendations.

  • Yes, each of the internships is a perfect onramp toa staff position at IHOPKC. Please note that Fire in the Night, Intro to IHOPKC, and Simeon Company interns must complete both three-month tracks to be eligible to apply for a full-time or part-time ministry staff position.

  • As a rule, we do not accept applicants who cannot prove a high school diploma or GED but the application can still be submitted. We will look at the lack of high school completion on a case-by-case basis, but if there are plans to do IHOPU after an internship, the applicant will need to have either a diploma or GED before they will be able to apply to IHOPU.

    NOTE: This MAY be waived for older applicants

  • We do not currently offer any scholarships, financial assistance, or program discounts for the internships.

  • Unfortunately, tuition is not tax-deductible gift.

  • Tuition is due in full on the first day of the internship.

  • Tuition payments may be made by check, money order, or credit/debit card. The IHOPKC Payment Office may be reached at (​816) 763-0200 x.2201​ to receive your debit or credit card information.

    Checks and money orders may be made payable to IHOPU and mailed to: IHOPKC Payment Office, 3535 E. Red Bridge Road, Kansas City, MO 64137

  • Our internships are designed to fill a full-time schedule that is not conducive to outside work. Please inquire with your internship of interest for specific guidelines regarding work during an internship.

  • Yes, the internships are open to internationals. We love having international interns! Once accepted to the program you will work with our International Admissions department to land all necessary details regarding visas, insurance, language proficiency, etc. For more info, please contact: ​internationalservices@ihopu.org

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