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About Fire in the Night

The Holy Spirit is raising up a generation who love God with all their hearts, minister in the power of the Holy Spirit, and impact others. It is not enough to simply hear the call. The “yes” in the heart must be combined with real preparation for this great journey—through practical instruction, personal encounter, and spiritual impartation.

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Stories We Love

  • My favorite part of Fire in the Night was the time I spent in the prayer room. I really encountered Jesus in a life-altering way that put many scattered pieces of my theology, personal experience, and life vision together. I now experience a nearness to God I knew to be possible but had no idea how to sustain.

    Sharon Stanley

    Fire in the Night Alumnus

    Marketing Director

An internship joined to the NightWatch

Fire in the Night is an internship joined to the NightWatch, the prayer watch of a company of people who pray and worship the Lord from midnight to 6am in our Global Prayer Room. We believe that the night belongs to the Lord. Fire in the Night interns cry out in prayer for justice and revival to break in on the earth. Our interns are involved in building a fiery community, outreaches to the lost, and ministry to others in the power of the Holy Spirit. While each internship has a distinctive age limit, length, and schedule, they all share the same central training components:

Encountering Jesus in Prayer and Worship

Come experience something historic: over twenty years of unceasing prayer and worship, contending for a breakthrough and more of the presence of God in our hearts, our city, and nation. Come take your place and add your voice, as we reach for the heart of God together.

Experience Powerful Teaching and Messaging

From intimacy with Jesus to His beauty and majesty, to the end-time drama of His glorious return, our messaging is designed to fuel prayer and passionate pursuit. Come discover the power of a heart awakened in a fresh way to the person and presence of Jesus.

Express the Love of Jesus and the Power of His Spirit

Come spend a season growing in the gifts and the work of the Holy Spirit in dynamic ministry and service as we experience the dynamic relationship between prayer and mission together.

Engage in Preparation of the Heart for Jesus' Unfolding Plans

We love the thousands of testimonies of personal transformation and spiritual growth we have received over the years after spending a season of time here with us. Our team believes that an awakened, transformed heart is poised and more able to engage with what the Lord is doing across the earth in our generation. We take your season here seriously because we take the future seriously.

Engage in Passionate Pursuit with Passionate People

Come discover potential lifelong friendships with like-minded believers like you, who see the first commandment as non-negotiable and share a common ache to lay hold of a heart that burns for Jesus. Together, you’ll give one another permission to run as deep into the heart of Jesus as grace will take us.

Enjoy a Season to "Reset" Your Heart and Rediscover Jesus

There are few things more profound and powerful than connecting with the Word of God with others, allowing those truths to go deep, and then singing and praying those truths together in His presence. Consider joining our family for a season to discover what’s possible when we give an extended season to prayer, scripture, and the power of the Holy Spirit to work in our life and our hearts.

Program Details

Upcoming Dates
– September 16–December 11, 2020
– January 4–March 29, 2021
– April 2–June 25, 2021
– June 29–September 21, 2021
– September 25–December 18, 2021

Fire in the Night can be completed either as a residential internship, or non-residential internship. See below for specific information about the residential and non-residential programs.

Note: This program runs through the night. Interns are in the prayer room from midnight to 6am. Sleep schedule is adjusted.


Residential Program
Singles ages 18–25 (no dating during the internship)

Non-residential Program
Singles ages 26+; married couples ages 18+ (families welcome)


Two 3-month tracks (tracks run concurrently).

Interns who successfully complete Track 1 and Track 2 of Intro to IHOPKC may apply to join our staff or IHOPU (Tracks 1&2 are equivalent to one semester of full-time credit in our Forerunner School of Worship or Forerunner School of Ministry).


Residential Program
Track 1: $3,275
Track 2: $2,375
A non-refundable deposit of $200 is due two weeks after your notification of acceptance. This is to confirm your acceptance and reserve a place for you in the program. Remaining tuition is due two weeks before the start date of the program.

Non-residential Program
Track 1: $1,300
Track 2: $1,200
All tuition is due by the first day of orientation. Cost covers all internship teaching, and activities, but does not include housing or food.

Cost Includes

Residential program
Housing, utilities, three meals per day; internship teachings, activities, and outreach

Non-residential program
Internship teachings, activities, and outreach

Meet the Directors

Jason & Jenna Paez

Fire in the Night Internship

“We met at IHOPKC. We came separately out of a desire to spend a season, set apart, to seek the Lord in a unique and focused way. Our time with Fire In the Night internship has refreshed us and introduced us to a lifestyle of prayer and mission that we want to spend the rest of our lives doing. We want interns to come and spend a season in the Nightwatch, as we behold and bless the Lord together. We want interns to grow confident in Gods love, confident in prayer. We want interns to grow in their value for corporate prayer and help us build a 24/7 house of prayer.” –Jason & Jenna

Frequently asked questions

  • Fire in the Night trains up intercessory missionaries. Additionally, our aim is that interns would grow to become confident in God’s love, confident in prayer, and have a value for strengthening corporate prayer meetings.

  • Interns may apply to come to Track 2 within twelve months of completing Track 1.

  • Permission must be received from the Internship Director for anyone arriving late or leaving early.

  • The purpose of the Fire in the Night training is more devotional based and meant to fuel your conversation with the Lord in the prayer room. Our classes are based on ongoing discussion and aim to help you grow in confidence in God’s love, prayer, and to give you value for corporate prayer.

  • Track 1 of FITN is an introduction to cultivating a lifestyle of prayer and growing in the knowledge of God. Track 2 continues these themes with the added component of growing in the understanding of God’s plans and purposes as seen in His Word. Additionally, Track 2 interns participate in outreach and service in the prayer room.

  • Switching to the Nightwatch schedule varies individuals. We are mindful of the challenges of switching to the Nightwatch. We have leaders that have done the Nightwatch for 20+ years and are a resource to help interns walk through different challenges that keeping this schedule may bring.

  • Unfortunately, we do not provide child care in FITN. If you need childcare, Simeon and Intro both have age-appropriate children’s tracks that run simultaneously with the program and would be a better fit.

  • Permission must be received from the Director for anyone arriving late or leaving early.

  • We do not make exceptions on the living arrangements but an applicant can submit their request via email and the Director will make the decision.

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