It’s All About Heart!

Located in the south side of Kansas City, the International House of Prayer University has been placed in the heartland of the United States. As much as we enjoy our city, the heartbeat of the school is found in the Global Prayer Room. Since the fall of 1999, this has been a place where unceasing prayer, led in worship, has been taking place. This one component of our campus life is a central element to our learning experience. This is a place for true life transformation.

The Classroom Experience
Our physical campus is made up of three main sites; the Global Prayer Room, Forerunner Church, and International House of Prayer University. We opened our classroom site at the campus of IHOPU in the fall of 2010, allowing us to bring our three programs (Media, Worship, and Ministry) under one roof. Through continual expansion and upgrades we are creating the best possible environment for students to engage with their instructors and fellow classmates. Whether in lecture rooms, labs, or practice rooms, students are stretched in their course of learning. Our classroom site is also the location for the All Nations Prayer Room which allows for interactive prayer meetings in multiple languages.

Part of the Family
Perhaps the strongest expression of community for our students is found through Forerunner Church. Involvement in our church family allows for outward expressions of ministry, worship, and developing relationships that have lasting impact. This aspect of our campus life allows our students to grow both individually and corporately.

Educational Partnerships & Online Students
We are expanding our on-campus experience to students online. We are bringing all three elements of our learning model to students across the country and around the globe. This expression is best demonstrated in our Educational Partnership sites. We are working with likeminded ministries (churches and other houses of prayer) to bring the full learning experience to multiple locations. So now the learning, the relationships, and the radical lifestyle you will cultivate here in Kansas City can be experienced in a location near you.

Take a Gap Year to Pursue God.

Prioritize time to lay biblical and spiritual foundations that shape how you think, live, and relate with others. It is vital to take a season to set the groundwork for education, career, marriage, parenting, and all God has for you!