Dating & Friendships

Dating & Friendships


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You Were Made For Relationships!

Relationships are at the heart of God’s purpose for us, but they take work. Have you ever wondered how to apply the Bible to the relationships in your life? Do you know how to have godly friendships? What do you do about dating when the Bible doesn’t even talk about it? We want to help you transform the way you relate to people using the tools that God has already given you. He designed you to live in relationship with Him and others—these two free livestreams will show you how.

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Making Dating Work

Tuesday, January 31 at 6:30pm CT

Dating can be rough – when you add 2023 technology, trying to figure out what healthy romance is supposed to look like, and the fact that the person you like might not even like you back into the mix, it’s nearly impossible. This livestream will help you learn how to honor God and treat people of the opposite gender with respect as we answer your questions and apply biblical principles to our modern lives.

Making Friendships Work

Tuesday, February 7 at 6:30pm CT

Friendships are so important, but they can be difficult too! Finding friends who help you pursue Jesus and helping them do the same thing is essential to your life as a Christian. If you want authentic community, learning to navigate relationships in a biblical way is the first step. This livestream will help you learn to see people through God’s eyes as we have a conversation about the joys and challenges of friendship.

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Q. Do I have to watch both of the livestreams?
A. Nope! These will stand alone. If you miss one, you can still join us for the other one. Registering once gives you access to both.

Q. I’m not free at 6:30pm CT on Tuesday! Can I get a recording?
A. Yes! If you register, you’ll get the recordings of both livestreams emailed to you.

Q. How can I get my questions answered?
A. We will be using Zoom for these livestreams. You can ask your questions in the chat feature and we will do our best to answer as many as we can during the livestream.