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Craig & Katie Steinle

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Craig and Katie Steinle began their journey with the Lord under the leadership of Peter Lord at Park Ave Baptist Church in Titusville Fl. This is where they started their life together and grew and have three children together with 4 grandchildren. All the children are married as they and their spouses love and follow Christ Jesus. Always active within the church their walk was changed dramatically through different events including the Brownsville Revival and through ministries like Morningstar and a multitude of Godly men like Peter Lord, DeVern Fromke, Mike Bickle, Jamie Buckingham, Jack Taylor and others.

In 1997 they were introduced to Mike Bickle through a copy of the Prophetic History tapes given to them by a charismatic Catholic woman that shifted their lives. The message of and for the Church has grown and sealed their hearts more and more as God the Father’s plan has unfolded in their hearts and lives. From those days on their focus has been on strengthening the foundation of believers in the church, mainly young believers ages 18 to 30. After starting a home church and a house of prayer, Craig and Katie transitioned their lives in vocation and location from Florida to Missouri. For close to ten years now they have been on staff with the International House of Prayer in Kansas City MO as intercessory missionaries. Involved with the internships at various levels they are currently giving leadership to the University in Kansas City called International House of Prayer University. Craig is director of campus management and fills the position as Dean of Men. Katie is on the Dean of Women’s team and between them they help with primarily pastoral care for the students both online and on campus. With a heart for young believers and a history of practical living before the Lord in these trying times, Craig and Katie have the joy and honor to support the ongoing ministry of IHOPKC as the Lord builds His Body both locally and globally.

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