Social Justice
& the Gospel

An Online Course with Stuart Greaves

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There is Hope For Justice

How do you respond to the injustices you see in the world? Having a right paradigm of justice is crucial to withstanding the type of deception that is rapidly permeating our culture today. We need a shift today in the way we think about justice. Join us for this online course to grow a godly mindset regarding social justice, learn to discern between false justice and the justice Jesus desires, and grow in your ability to walk out true justice.

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We want to equip you, through this course, with the Christ-focus and the biblical backing needed to form a right and godly mindset regarding social justice. Students will obtain a foundation in how the gospel is the message of justice and how Jesus intends to bring true justice upon the earth.

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Video Sessions

    • Ten Instructional Videos (15-minute lectures setting up the recorded class discussions that follow)
    • Six Class Discussions (45-minute recordings of live classes with Stuart Greaves)

Class notes
Gain insight with the detailed notes provided by Stuart Greaves that go hand in hand with each class discussion.

Reading Assignments
Dig deeper through False Justice with reading assignments that correspond to the five modules.

The Progression of Justice

Understand the connection between true personal holiness and the justice God requires.

False Messengers & the False Gospel

Learn to discern the false messengers and their deceptive ideology opposing the true gospel.

False Worship & the Global Worship Movement for Justice

Discover the importance of prophetic singers and musicians in the execution of true justice.

The Gospel & the Messiah

Explore the centrality of Jesus to justice and why beholding Him keeps us from cynicism in our pursuit of justice.

The Coming of the Just One and His Righteous Kingdom

Understand the role of Jesus in bringing justice to our world now, and at His return.

Stuart Greaves

Executive Director, International House of Prayer

Meet the Author

Stuart Greaves leads the Executive Leadership Team of the International House of Prayer of Kansas City (IHOPKC). He been part of IHOPKC since 1999 and led the NightWatch for 20 years—which goes from midnight to 6am every night. Stuart is recognized as one of the primary teachers at IHOPKC and at International House of Prayer University (IHOPU). His passion is to equip people to cultivate intimacy by growing in their understanding of the beauty of Jesus, and to engage in worship and prayer for the great harvest along with partnering with the Lord as He prepares the Church to be a prepared Bride. Stuart has been married to Esther for 25 years.


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Watch Stuart Greaves lead a free preview that highlights the key teaching points he addresses in the five-week course. Check out this video to gain help in Pursuing Justice in an Unjust World and learn more about what the course will involve.

Important Update

It is with heavy hearts that we inform you that the Spring 2024 semester was the final expression of IHOPU.