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Bible Study

Bible Study

Believe, Abide, Obey

A 4-Week Study on John 14–17

Week 1

Welcome to week 1 of our Bible study on John 14-17! This week Caroline Hanson, our high school pastor, shared some of her thoughts John 14. Check out her video, and make sure to download your digital workbook for this week below. This is where you’ll find the reading plan for the week, as well as questions that will help you dive deep into this passage.

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Week 2

Welcome back to the study! This week, we’ll be diving into John 15. Caleb Allison, a member of our ATC staff and an IHOPU graduate, outlined some of his thoughts on this chapter in his video. Like last week, you can download your digital workbook to view the reading plan, as well as gain tools to process and pray through specific verses.

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Week 3

Welcome to week 3 of our study! We’ll be focusing on John 16 this week. Gabrielle Voorhies, a member of our student ministries staff and an IHOPU graduate, took some time to discuss this chapter and the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Go ahead and download your digital workbook below in order to go deeper in this chapter!

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Week 4

Thanks for joining us for this study! For the last week, we’ll be wrapping up by studying John 17 together. Daniel Sliker, our middle school pastor and an IHOPU student, talked about Jesus’ prayer for us in this chapter. Watch the video and then download your digital workbook below!

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Additional resources

Biblical Meditation

With Kirk Bennett

One tool that can help you as you study John 14-17 is meditating on it! In this video, Kirk Bennett, one of IHOPU’s faculty members, outlines his model for biblical meditation. This is a great way to go deeper in a specific verse and encounter God’s heart.

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Why Take a Gap Year

Blog by David Sliker

You have, right now, a historic opportunity to take this year to prioritize and accelerate your foundation in the Word of God and your life in Him. I am sober yet filled with faith and gratitude to the Lord in the midst of the forces currently shaking the nations of the earth.

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Five Days in Kansas City

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As crisis abounds, the world is looking for answers. God has revealed these answers to His people for such a time as this. Come rediscover what Scripture says about God’s plan for the Church who partners with Him from the place of prayer for the release of His purposes on the earth.

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Take a Gap Year to Pursue God.

Prioritize time to lay biblical and spiritual foundations that shape how you think, live, and relate with others. It is vital to take a season to set the groundwork for education, career, marriage, parenting, and all God has for you!