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We Are in Urgent Days

This online course will bring you encouragement and hope. Whenever Scripture talks about the future, it is to envision for us the possibilities and strengthen our resolve to love Jesus faithfully and loyally to the end of our days. We invite you to gain clarity as we study what the Bible says about five key areas that will help you prepare your heart for the coming storm. Find your place in the storyline of God’s end-time plan.

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“I believe it is vital today that believers study eschatology. Like the sons of Issachar who “had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do,” (1 Chronicles 12:32) there is a unique invitation to plunge into the Word of God and devour its prophetic contents about the days to come. I pray this will encourage you and help prepare your heart.” —David Sliker

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Video Sessions

  • Ten Instructional Videos (15-minute lectures setting up the recorded class discussions that follow)
  • Six Class Discussions (45-minute recordings of live classes with David Sliker)

Class notes
Gain insight with the detailed notes provided by David Sliker that go hand in hand with each class discussion.

Reading Assignments
Dig deeper through End Times Simplified with reading assignments that correspond to the five modules.

Learning to Discern the Times

God has written, and is now bringing to pass, the ultimate drama, worthy of His signature. Because He wants each of us to take part, our challenge is to prepare for what is coming.

Embracing God’s role for the Church

Understanding what God will accomplish helps us prepare. Everything He is doing and will do has to do with His desire to present the Church to Jesus as a pure and spotless Bride.

Understanding God’s Great Plan for Israel

Israel is at the center of both the grand scope of God’s sovereign plans and the individual’s response to His leadership. God is moving world history towards His intended conclusion.

Preparing for the Harlot Babylon

As a result of end-times worldwide peace, a world religion will emerge. The “Mystery Babylon” woman described in Revelation 17, will embrace and promote “toleration” and world unity.

Finding your place in the Victorious Church

The historic shift will begin with the release of the new song of the Lord–worship exploding from the mouths of His witnesses in heaven and the hearts of believers across the earth.

David Sliker

Director, International House of Prayer University

Meet the Author

David Sliker has been a senior leader and author at the International House of Prayer Missions Base in Kansas City, Missouri, for nearly 20 years. Ministering and serving with his wife, Tracey, and their four children, Riley, Lauren, Daniel, and Finney, David’s primary ministry calling is to be an intercessory missionary. Additionally, he ministers internationally, equipping saints in prayer and intimacy with God, the power of the Holy Spirit, passion for the Scriptures, and the proclamation of Jesus and His return. He is the president of International House of Prayer University, where he teaches about prayer and intimacy with Jesus, missions, biblical studies, and the return of Jesus. He is the author of End Times Simplified: Preparing Your Heart for the Coming Storm.


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